Would you rather have Toy Story 3 or $18 Million??

So, I was sitting around watching YouTube the other day, minding my own business, when someone mentioned that had you bought Bitcoin instead of Toy Story 3 on DVD, you could be a millionaire...

I was flabbergasted! I had to immediately pause the video because my brain kinda skipped for a second. It's insane to think about, but after doing a few quick searches and very simple math, I found it's entirely true, and it's both the most awesome, and the most frustrating, revelation I've come to in years...

I've repeatedly kicked myself over and over these past few years already, because when I first discovered Bitcoin, it was only worth around $100 per coin, and I didn't take the risk that I was confident would have completely changed my life, but this perspective is ridiculous!

So let's break this down and take a look at what an insane opportunity I and many others missed out on by not diving in when first we learned of Bitcoin's potential...

Toy Story 3 was released on June 16th, 2010

This month in particular was very important for Bitcoin, as it was the first of many HUGE bull runs in the market, taking the price of Bitcoin from $0.0008 to $0.08, meaning had you bought that Bitcoin just a few weeks prior, you could be sitting on BILLIONS of dollars!

Anyway... DVD prices haven't really changed that much over the years, and one could reasonably expect to pay around $25 for a brand new DVD of a "blockbuster" film. Even in late June 2010, with a measly $25 investment, one could have purchased roughly 312 Bitcoin.

At the time of writing in March of 2021, the current price of Bitcoin is roughly $56,500! If you had saved all those Bitcoin from 11 years ago and sold them today, you'd be the talk of the town...

312 x $56,500 = $17,628,000

You're reading that right... A $25 investment held for 11 years grew by 70,512,000%

I'm no expert, but I'm certain we will never again see that sort of return over 10 years on Bitcoin, but that doesn't mean I think the potential for massive gains aren't still there. With major institutions finally giving in to the inevitable and dumping billions into the market, Bitcoin is getting closer and closer to mass adoption, and even those who got in yesterday are still kinda early onto the train.

That being said, that's 100% my personal opinion, and nothing in the post should be misconstrued as investment advice. I've been a big advocate for Bitcoin over the years, but I'd never risk more than I'm willing to never see again.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. This crazy crypto thing never ceases to amaze me, and I truly believe it will change the world for the better given time.

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